When to consider bathroom resurfacing or renovating

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Having a dull and uninviting bathroom is something most homeowners deal with. This is true especially if you have a builder-grade home or if you have lived in the same house for years without doing any upgrades. You may think you have saved a lot by not spending on bathroom makeovers, but in the long run, it’s you and your family who will suffer the consequences and the ugly marks in your bath. That is why sites like http://marksinyourbath.com.au/ have a team of experts dedicated to bringing your tired bathroom back to life. Click here http://marksinyourbath.com.au/

Bathroom makeovers are not limited to costly renovations. But if you do have the resources, then it is best to be all out and completely revamp your bathroom. However, for those who are on a tight end, going for bathroom resurfacing might be your best choice.

What is bathroom resurfacing?

Resurfacing your bathroom means putting a new surface on an existing one. You can do this by painting your bathroom walls if you want to cover any ugly marks in your bathroom. You can also paint your tiles as well if you are willing to do all the prep work. On the other hand, resurfacing a bath or sink can be a bit trickier, but with the help of experts in bathroom resurfacing, you can have this done at a fraction of a cost.

Choosing between resurfacing and renovating

While some people confuse these two, it is very important to note that renovating means replacing almost everything in the bathroom. This means the tiles, tub, shower enclosure, and vanity should be removed and replaced. This is a very expensive route compared to doing bathroom resurfacing. But if you have the budget and want a spectacular result, renovating your bathroom extends its lifespan for another decade or more.

Choosing between bathroom renovation and resurfacing depends on you. If you have the skill and experience and truly want to revamp your entire bathroom, go for that much-needed bathroom renovation. However, if your bathroom only has minimal marks and stains, you can save a lot with bathroom resurfacing.

Identify problem areas before making a decision

While bathroom resurfacing may be a cost-effective solution, you have to ensure that the marks you found in your bathroom are not because of an underlying plumbing issue. You may be dealing with mould or water leak that is causing the stains. In such cases, it is better to tap the services of experts at http://marksinyourbath.com.au/ so you can ensure you are taking the right steps.

Try going the DIY route first

Doing a bathroom resurfacing can be a DIY project, especially if you only want a new colour for your bathroom. If you have a vintage cast iron bathtub, think about resurfacing it instead of replacing it altogether.

If you are not an expert in this field, though, you may end up spending more money than you originally planned. Resurfacing is not ideal for every setup and talking to experts will help you stick to your budget without compromising the results. Any damage, minor chips, and cracks can be resurfaced as long as the damage is repaired correctly. With proper maintenance, a resurfaced bathroom may last up to fifteen years.

If renovating your entire bathroom is far from your budget plan, consider going for bathroom resurfacing instead. You may visit http://marksinyourbath.com.au/ to get a quote from experts and spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank.


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