5 reason why student accommodation are the best!

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Leaving for university is one of the major decisions that a student makes. For some, this might mean going to a different city or even a country. This raises the concern of where to live. If you are lucky, your university might offer in-campus boarding that you can book. For others, but, this might not be the case. Here are what student housing Australia rentals can do for you.


Large universities often have boarding facilities that cater to their large student body. Students get to live on-campus which makes getting to classes a lot easier. They also employ security personnel that maintain safety and order inside campus grounds. This makes in-house dormitories a popular choice among students. Due to their demand, but, these in-house facilities get fully booked rather quickly. This is where student accommodations come in handy.

An off-campus ACU Brisbane accommodation is usually located near campuses for a quicker commute. This gives residents ease of travel to classes second only to living on campus. They are also close to major amenities like shops, ATMs, as well as major roads and public transport.

Promotes independence

Living on your own is a major step towards being independent and self-reliant. Student accommodations allow students to experience living on their own without compromising security. These are highly secure and safe environments that use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure safety. They are also required to pass safety standards for fire and other emergency occurrences.

Geared towards student needs

Most student housing Australia wide caters specifically to their residents’ needs. This is to build an environment that is conducive to learning and growth. Most accommodations have dedicated lounge and study areas, in-house libraries, and open spaces for relaxation. Others even have fitness gyms, pools, and even cinemas! This provides students with a balanced work-play environment all inside a safe and secure location.

These student studio apartments are also near convenient and inexpensive establishments that cater to student clienteles. These include affordable eateries and restaurants, general school and office supplies shops, and groceries. All conveniently located within a short distance. This saves on petrol and car maintenance costs.

Great for networking and socialization

Meeting new people and forming friendships are crucial activities for students. This helps them engage in conversations and promote the exchange of ideas. In these facilities, you get to meet and connect with various people from all walks of life. Most accommodations also actively promote socialization through in house networking activities and events. This is a perfect way to connect and network with people.

The hub of cultural diversity

Off-campus facilities are a popular choice of foreign students due to their convenience and security. This makes student housings a perfect venue to interact with people of different cultural background. You get to be immersed in a positive environment that fosters diversity and acceptance.

International students also benefit from this setup. These student residences help them to easily adjust to their new living environment. They help the students to experience the culture and language in as seamlessly as possible.

Live in a safe and secure student housing

Student One is one of the top student housing Australia has to offer. Their amazing facilities offer the best student experience for all their residences.

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