10-Step Guide to Finding a Wedding Florist

Marshall Willis | October 9, 2018 | 0 | Home & Gardens

If you are planning a wedding, you know that the décor and floral arrangement play a crucial role in making an impact. This is also where you would expect majority of your wedding budget will be going to. With that being said, you need proper preparation in order to find the best florist in Christchurch. To make that possible, you need to follow this 10-step guide:

1. Start your search months ahead. If you take your search for a florist in Christchurch seriously, you need to give yourself a head start. Ideally, you must start your search one year before your intended wedding date. This should give you enough time to evaluate as many options as possible and for the florist to prepare (if you have any types of flowers you want to specifically use for the wedding).

2. Look at their portfolios. You need to evaluate the florist based on the quality of the flowers and the floral arrangement. View their portfolio to be able to get a glimpse of the quality of work delivered in the past. Look at the table arrangement, centerpieces and bouquets, in particular.

3. Create a list of initial florists you want to work with. Ideally, you should have at least three to choose from. Schedule a meeting with each one so you can discuss your ideal wedding décor and see if they can accommodate your requests.

4. When meeting with florists, create an inspiration board and bring that with you during the meeting. This will enable your florist to get a more concrete idea of your vision for your wedding.

5. Talk about finances. Do not be afraid to discuss money matters right off the bat, even on the first meeting. Your goal is to obtain the information you need to determine which florist to hire. Budget is a crucial factor when making your decision.

6. Look at their flower options. When you choose a décor theme and palette for your wedding, it will also impact your flower options to use on the wedding. Make sure to consult with the florist if they are able to supply the specific types of flowers you want.

7. It is not just about the flowers. While the flowers are a crucial factor, make sure to pay attention to what the florist is able to suggest based on your specified color scheme and décor theme. Use this as an opportunity to assess their knowledge and expertise not just on floral arrangements, but current wedding décor trends.

8. Specify the flowers you do not want. As much as you try to communicate which flowers you want to use for the wedding, you must also let your florist know if there are any types of flowers you do not want used.

9. Be clear about the cost. On your initial meeting, you will be discussing about the budget for the floral arrangements briefly. Do not forget to ask your florist if the cost discussed is inclusive of all the services and labor offered, or if it is only applicable to the flowers itself.

10. Beware of the season. When planning your wedding and floral arrangements, be mindful of the season. Do not make unrealistic requests to your florist about using a certain type of flower that is not available during the season. Unless you are willing to pay more to import the flowers, then you should be a bit more understanding of the natural limitations.

Your choice of wedding florist in Christchurch can make or break your wedding preparation. If you follow the tips above, everything else should go as smoothly as planned.

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