Leaded Lights are windows made up from individual cut and shaped pieces of clear or coloured glass held together with lead cames, cemented to the glass.


So called Tiffany windows are named after the famous American Louis Comfort Tiffany who created the method of constructing using sticky back thin copper foil to surround each piece of glass. Tiffany windows can be set inside Double-glazed Units as was the ‘Japanese Cranes’ window, this makes them water-proof and Triple-glazed. They can also be combined with lead cames as we did in the Irises and Dragonfly design.


Paul Yarde and Steve Edge are both fantastic glass painters. Any detail that cannot be created using just glass, lead or copper-foil combined can be painted, or stained onto glass. The glass is painted with either silver stain, enamels or iron oxide to give the desired effect. The glass is then fired in a kiln to fix the the 'paint' and make it durable for a very long time.


Any of the above types of windows can be set inside double glazed units to give added protection or comply with your local Buildings Inspector.

You will find a selection of the windows that we have made on the individual pages. We add to the selection all the time, though it tends to be the ones we like the most that you’ll find there. We can create windows to virtually any design, so don't think it's not possible, it more than likely is.